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Registrar of Vital Statistics:      Marriage/Civil Union Licenses

License Requirements:

1.     Both Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and at least one or both of the applicants must be a resident of Bordentown City.

2.      Applicants must show proper identification and proof of residency; i.e. driverís license, birth certificate, passport, etc.  (A current utility bill, bank statement, or document of this nature may be used to establish residency)

3.     If either applicant has been divorced or spouse is deceased, divorce decree and/or certified record of death must be presented at time of application.

4.     When applying, you must have one (1) witness with you at least 18 years of age or older; must know both applicants; may be a family member, co-worker or friend; must speak and understand English

5.     Information to be supplied by the Applicants shall include:

a.     Name of Father

b.     Maiden name of Mother

c.     Birthplace of each parent

d.     Name and address of person performing ceremony

e.     Date ceremony will take place

f.       Social Security numbers (if applicable)

6.     After you apply, there is a 72 hour waiting period before the license can be issued.  Once the license is issued to you, the license expires after 30 days.

7.     The license may be used to perform the ceremony anywhere in the State of New Jersey

8.     You must have two (2) witnesses for the ceremony at least 18 years of age.

9.     Marriage/Civil Union License applications are taken by appointment as follows:

a.     Tuesday and Thursday Mornings Ė 9:00 AM to 12:15 PM

b.     Wednesday afternoons Ė 1:45 PM until 4:15 PM

c.     Please call the office at 609-298-0604 ext. 6 to schedule an appointment.

d.     Marriage/Civil Union License fee is $28.00 and is payable at time of application.  (Cash or Money Order)

10.  You may download an Application for Marriage/Remarriage, Civil Union/Reaffirmation of Civil Union by clicking here:  Application for License

11. You may complete the application and bring it with you to the Registrarís Office; however, DO NOT SIGN the application until requested by the Registrar.

Blood Tests Are No Longer Required To Obtain A Marriage/Civil Union License in New Jersey.                                                                                                       

Registrar of Vital Statistics:      Certified Copies of Marriage/Civil Union License, Death and Birth Certificates

Records of all events which take place within the boundaries of the City of Bordentown are maintained as a permanent record in the Registrarís Office.  Certified copies may be obtained Monday through Friday 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  The fee for a certified copy of a marriage/civil union, death or birth certificate is $10.00 per copy. 

The applicant for a certified copy must:

1.     Complete an Application for Certified Copy

2.     Provide proof of your identity

3.     Provide proof of your relationship to the person listed on the vital record you are requesting


Certified records may be obtained by mail.  You may download the Application for Certified copy, complete the portion for the Applicant and Vital Record being requested and send to the Office of the Registrar, City Hall, 324 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, New Jersey  08505 along with the appropriate fee and copies of identification.